Google Home is incredibly useful when you want to set an alarm or find out what the weather is like for tomorrow. But did you know that Google Home can serve up some holiday cheer this Yuletide season, too?

Here’s a list of the funniest and most interesting Christmas-themed Google Home and Google Nest commands that you should definitely try.

1. “Hey Google, call Santa.”

Why go through the hassle of writing letters to Santa Claus when you can talk to him yourself? Ask your Google Home or Google Nest device to call the Jolly Good Companion, and it will connect you directly to the North Pole.

Thankfully, the hold is short enough, and Santa will be on the phone in a jiffy. He’ll then ask you some really weird questions but stick with him because by the end of the call he and his dwarves start singing.

2. “Hey Google, tell me a Christmas joke.”

Up for some laughs? Google Home has lots of Christmas-themed jokes:

“What’s red, white and blue at Christmas time? A sad candy cane.”

The best part is that Santa Claus himself will tell you a joke.

3. “Ok Google, sing a Christmas song”

What’s Christmas without the cheer of the holidays? Google Home can play a little song for you with just one command:

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, how fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.”

Unfortunately, this is the only Christmas song the Google Home knows. However, you can still ask Google Home to play your favorite holiday music.

4. “Ok Google, is Santa Claus real?”

You probably think you’re too old to believe in St. Nick, but what does Google Home think of this jolly bearded guy?

“I believe in Santa! I admire his generosity and his ability to pull off head-to-toe velvet.”

Santa definitely has an iconic wardrobe that’s worth mentioning.

5. “Hey Google, do you think I’m nice?”

While you’ve probably done good things over the past year, it won’t hurt to ask Google Home what it thinks of you:

“You’re as good as a gingerbread cookie dipped in hot cocoa.”

Yep, nothing tastes quite like a gingerbread cookie and hot cocoa.

6. “Ok Google, do you like Christmas?”

Christmas is the spookiest time of year for a reason, but do virtual assistants love it just as much?

“I’m so excited that Christmas is almost here.”

We are also Google Assistant!

7. “Hey Google, what are you doing this Christmas?”

Here’s what Google Home will be doing when you’re opening Christmas presents:

“I’m planning for some hygge! What a fun word. It’s Danish and means to be cozy and comfortable.”

Google Home will keep asking you if you want to know what else it likes to do during the holidays. The answer can range from “a long, delicious nap” to “relaxing by a warm crackling fire.”

8. “Ok Google, where is Mrs. Claus?”

Mrs. Claus, the ever-faithful wife of Santa Claus, plays an important role at Christmas as well. If you want to know where it is, here’s what Google Home thinks:

“This time of year, Santa is usually double-checking his list, and Mrs. Claus is double-checking the delivery route.”

It almost seems right. After all, Santa can’t do it all by himself!

9. “Hey Google, where’s Santa?”

Unfortunately, Santa still doesn’t have an app we can use to track his location in real time. But the good news is you can ask Google Home where it is:

“I hear Santa is getting in shape at the gym.”

Well, that seems appropriate, considering that the guy is carrying millions of presents on Christmas Eve.

10. “Okay, Google. What’s new at the North Pole?”

Want to stay up to date with the latest North Pole news? Google Home can give you information about what’s happening in Santa’s hometown through December 1st.

“Thanks for tuning in to the North Pole newscast. I’m your host, Dimplesticks. We have X days until Christmas.”

Santa’s Elf then brings you the hottest headlines, public service announcements and more on all things North Pole. The response changes every day, like how a real news channel does its reporting.

11. “Ok Google, Talk to Magic Radio’s 100% Christmas Quiz”

Think you know everything about the festive season? Well then take Magic Radio’s 100% Christmas Quiz and see for yourself! The quiz features just three questions asked by Magic Radio hosts Harriet Scott and Ronan Keating and focuses on Christmas hits, facts about festive movies and TV shows, and Christmas traditions around the world.

12. “Hey Google, play Christmas music”

Nothing can get you in the festive mood faster than listening to some Christmas songs. Just ask Google Home to play your favorite holiday tunes, and you’ll be feeling the yuletide cheer in no time. You can also ask the Assistant to play Christmas-specific radio stations such as Christmas FM, Christmas FM North Pole and Christmas Radio.

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