LinkedIn is undoubtedly a multifaceted platform; It provides quality job opportunities, provides insight to potential employers, and lays the foundation for career advancement. Still, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this professional networking portal.

There are many other professional job boards and networking sites full of opportunities dedicated to finding the right job for job seekers. And so, we bring you a list of top LinkedIn alternatives that you can use to search for careers and opportunities.

1. really

In this age of technology, the Internet has made it incredibly easy to search for jobs, explore potential opportunities, and change careers. And when it becomes a top priority, it should really be the first website you tap.

It is a comprehensive job board with thousands of job listings aggregated from various sources in a single medium. Here, job seekers can post their resume, browse jobs and wait for potential employers to find them. This meta-search engine sifts through endless possibilities from various websites or nearby professional firms (using GPS) until your resume lands in the right hands.

What’s really different from LinkedIn is the nature of both platforms. While LinkedIn is social-oriented and a powerful research tool, it’s really more concerned about you successfully securing a job. It is not only a job board but also allows employers to schedule video interviews online, saving you the hassle of traveling.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an all-in-one package with millions of job listings and other valuable information about companies in one place. While LinkedIn is also ideal for gaining insight into a company’s work culture, it can’t measure up to Glassdoor. This LinkedIn alternative is designed to help job seekers make well-informed decisions by evaluating whether they are the right fit for an organization.

Here, employees leave anonymous reviews, telling others what they can expect from a company regarding its salary and compensation packages, rewards and recognition, work-life balance, etc. Company that is rapidly gaining a bad reputation.

3. Meetup

Meetup has made it to the top list of LinkedIn alternatives for all valid reasons. This social networking platform allows you to find or join groups near you and bond over shared interests. Just sign up, share your interests, and start dating.

Meetup goes way beyond LinkedIn in the career networking aspect as well as providing you with a walk from the digital to the real world with potential career opportunities. Meetup, as its name suggests, is built on in-person events; However, there can also be an online group meetup.

Whereas LinkedIn is purely professional conversations with little or no insight into users’ personal lives, Meetup fosters conversations about professional aspirations, skills or hobbies to keep you busy on the weekend. Ultimately, it’s about reaching out and building connections that will nurture your career in the long run.

4. Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter is another excellent LinkedIn alternative for your job search, as it’s geared toward connecting employees with the right organizations and their open roles. This has made the efficient and accurate sourcing of candidates cumbersome, which makes it one of the best job posting websites for employers.

However, it is also useful for job seekers. It offers AI-powered matching technology and easy-to-use job search tools, especially its 1-click apply feature, which makes it incredibly easy to apply for a job.

Simply find a job listing you like, hit this button, and see your resume and profile information delivered to the potential employer. Its as simple as that. Plus, once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive text updates and notifications that keep you in the loop, no matter where you are.

5. curse

Shapr is a social networking site committed to connecting people with similar interests and professional goals. It’s often mistaken as a dating app because it has a swipe-friendly interface, allowing you to swipe around 10-15 profiles of other professionals with similar interests – swipe right on the profile you’re interested in, swipe right on the next Swipe left to .

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