Do Not Disturb is a helpful feature that makes sure your iPhone won’t notify you about calls, texts, or any other alerts. It’s perfect for sleeping, going to the movie theater, driving, working, and more.

However, few people will know if you have it. iPhone users will have the option to “Notify anyway” when they send you an iMessage. While this is helpful for some people, especially in emergencies, receiving messages when you are busy can be annoying.

If you want to learn how to turn off notifications anyway, we’ll show you how.

Step 1. Open your Focus Settings

To turn this feature off, the first thing you need to do is go to Settings > Focus. The Focus feature controls your Do Not Disturb settings—including your custom settings for sleep and work. You can also set it to activate Do Not Disturb mode while driving.

Here, you can edit each setting individually. You can also set up each mode if you haven’t yet. You can even create your own gaming mode with these settings.

Step 2. Turn off the focus position

Once you see all your focus modes, tap the setting you want and scroll down to Focus Position. Focus status is what alerts other iPhone users that you have notifications muted, giving them the option of notifying you in any way, if they have an iPhone.

To turn off Focus Status, just toggle the setting off. Once this is turned off, other iPhone users will no longer know if you have notifications silenced. And in spite of using do not disturb mode they will not have the option to notify anyway.

You can also set your focus state to turn off Notify Anyway on some focus modes, but not on others. If you have Share Focus Status turned on, you can toggle it on or off for certain modes. That way, you can turn it off for Sleep or Personal but keep it on in other cases.

Should You Turn Off Your Focus Status?

If you turn on Do Not Disturb When You’re Busy, it most likely means that you don’t want notifications. With iPhone users being able to notify anyway, you may get distracted or even wake up while sleeping. This feature is helpful if there is an emergency, but some people may misuse this feature. If you’re worried about this happening, it’s safe to turn it off.

In case of emergency, you can always allow notifications from certain people, even if you have the focus state turned off. It allows you to block everyone except the people you trust. That way, you won’t miss anything important and will be free from distractions.

Focus is the most important skill when it comes to the difference between lifelong success or always falling short of your goals. However, it is a skill that many people do not care to develop. Thankfully, Apple aims to make it easier to find focus with the release of iOS 15.

Using a number of powerful tools, the Focus feature of iOS 15 helps filter notifications and apps based on what you want to focus on at any given time. Through custom or suggested focus modes, your iPhone can help you achieve your goals instead of distracting you from them.

With iOS 15, several improvements have been made to iPhone notification management using Focus Mode.

For example, if your iPhone detects that you are working, it will automatically deliver urgent messages and save non-important information for later. In addition, you can also temporarily mute any app or messaging thread in case you need to de-escalate a work thread that’s just getting too toxic.

Once you’re in the Settings screen, you can choose which people you need immediate access to, such as your designated work partner, boss, or teammates, and which apps are essential to your work. There are, like Slack or Asana. You can also automate Focus for Work to trigger based on time, location, or when you open a certain app.

If you want to enable Focus Mode for Work, go to Settings > Focus > Work and toggle the button to the right.

Alternatively, you can also open Control Center, press Focus, and tap Work. From there, you can also press the button with the three dots to enable focus mode for tasks for an hour, until dusk, or until you leave your current location.

 Meal time

If there’s one bad habit that many digital natives struggle with, it’s being glued to our phones while we’re eating. While it’s true that there are plenty of valid reasons to be glued to our devices during meals, many of us do so habitually. Unfortunately, not paying attention while eating can cause you to overeat, choke, or let your food get cold. With Focus, you can schedule meals and tell the world to wait till you properly enjoy your meal.

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