Have you ever found that batteries have to be charged before testing them? Topdon TB6000Pro is a smart charger that offers both before and after charging reports, giving you accurate data comparison like never before.

The Topdon TB6000Pro not only merges two incredible devices into one, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, but it also has a host of smart features designed to help you monitor, maintain, and even last longer on your battery.

What is TB6000Pro?

The Topdon TB6000Pro is a smart battery charger and tester that allows users to both charge and test with one easy-to-use tool. Not only does it combine two useful devices at once, but it also includes the industry’s first smart charging mode.

With the Topdon TB6000Pro’s unique Bluetooth connectivity, you have access to a host of tools that are ideal for both professionals and DIYers alike. You charge a 6V/12V battery and use your mobile device to check and monitor the charging process, as well as adjust voltage and other professional-level settings.

In addition to great charging features, the TopDawn TB6000Pro offers an industry-first Smart Charging Mode, which can display pre- and post-reports showing accurate data comparisons. By comparing data including CCA, internal resistance, voltage, health status, the report clearly indicates how much the battery has improved after being charged.

Let’s face it, testing your 6V/12V battery can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be. The most advanced to basic tests are made easier than ever thanks to the Topdon TB6000Pro.

What makes the Topdawn TB6000Pro so different?

Topdon currently has a vast database of automotive batteries to help customers find the best suited charging experience for their hardware. Customers can also choose to send their charging data to TopDen to help create an even better experience for future users.

The many ‘expert’ chargers can overwhelm customers, how do you know what are the right settings for your battery? Thankfully the TB6000Pro comes equipped with two modes, Beginner Mode, a straightforward charging experience, and Expert Mode, for those who want to get the most out of their smart charger.

The timed automatic mode can be a huge asset for those looking to save money by charging during off-peak energy times. Simply set the time you want to charge your battery, and the TB6000Pro will automatically turn on, saving you money. You can also track your energy usage to help you find even more ways to save on your electric bills.

charge the battery smartly

The Topdon TB6000Pro is much more than just a battery charger and tester. Along with adding smart features via Bluetooth, it offers a wide range of features that are well suited for professionals and DIYers alike.

But the best part is that the TopDawn TB6000Pro can help you save money by limiting charging time to off-peak hours, monitoring power usage, and even extending the life of your battery.

EV is currently taking the world by storm. More and more people are buying into this new way to drive, but many would-be electric vehicle owners are concerned about keeping their cars charged. The Topdon PulseQ AC Home EV Charger provides an easy and reliable way to top up your EV, but why should you choose this option for your home?

Topdawn PulseQ AC Home EV Charger

Topdawn is just entering the EV charging game, and the PulseQ AC Home is the first EV charger to come from the company. Regardless, the charger that TopDawn created is loaded with features, easy to install, and even comes with UL certification for peace of mind. As its name suggests, this EV charger uses AC power.

PulseQ AC is a Level 2 EV charger with 240v output. This significantly reduces charging time compared to Level 1 EV chargers, taking less than a few hours to reach a full charge. It is also compatible with most EVs in the US thanks to its SAE J1772 (Type 1) plug connector.

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